1    General:

1.1    Multi-Tools

A new approach to the definition of multi-tools allows the user to apply multi-tools in a more flexible manner than ever before. By regarding the multi-tool as a tool and a turret, the concept feels more ‘natural’ – both in the way multi-tools are configured in the system and when used in the software.

1.2    Material and File Names

The limits for the lengths of material and file names have been increased. Material names up to 100 characters are now valid, and file names up to 125 characters are supported.

1.3    Single Click Region Selection

In RADAN 2013, geometry can be selected using just a single click. This new selection method can be used to copy geometry (jump to cursor) or grabbing parts.


2    Nesting:

2.1    Single Part Layout

Single part layout has been fully integrated in the nest projects environment. A new setting is available in the SPL dialog to specify whether or not to allow overproduction. Where multiple sheets are needed, SPL will generate a sheet count that will or will not satisfy the batch quantity. Where not enough parts are required to fill a sheet, if overproduction is not allowed the sheet will be left half-empty.
The SPL dialog can now be used to edit a nest produced by the automatic nester with only a single part on it, to modify clearances, etc., which has not been possible previously.  

2.2    Part Identification

Parts in nest projects now have colour assigned to them. The chosen colour can be linked to any property of the part to be nested. The nesting colours are also used when generating the setup sheet.


3    RADAN 3D and Radbend

3.1    3D

Third-party file formats can now be imported by ‘dropping’ a file onto the 3D window. The resulting parts will be placed at the current work space. The user confirms the material before the import is completed, along with the thickness if this is not to be calculated automatically.

3.2    SolidWorks and Inventor

RADAN 3D and Radbend support the direct import of SolidWorks 2013 and Inventor 2013 files.

3.3    Radbend

New Radbend CAD interfaces for Inventor and SolidWorks have been introduced, so Radbend can be used a bend simulation tool for engineering.

3.4    RADAN 3D and Radbend

The improved connection between RADAN 3D and Radbend allows parametric programming of parts. After a change to the 3D model in RADAN 3D, the Radbend program (tool selection and fingerstop positioning) is automatically updated.